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MKE - Milwaukee, WI

Welcome to the Milwaukee, WI Pilots For Kids homepage. Learn how to get involved and participate in Pilots For Kids activities in the Milwaukee, WI area.


2016 Christmas Donations

Last updated 11 months ago

In early December the MKE coordinators were able to donate numerous large boxes of Pillow Pets to the Milwaukee Children's Hospital and an Aurora Health Care Medical Center both located in Milwaukee WI. In addition to those donations, we also made contact with Theda Care Regional Medical Center in Appleton WI with the same pillow pet donation. Donations such as these are not possible without the Pilot For Kids members and their generous donations which are exclusively used towards events such as these. Thank you for your membership and we look forward to expanding our resources as we work towards the 2017 Holiday Season.

New MKE Coordinators

Last updated 11 months ago

We would first like to thank Frank for his years of service as the MKE coordinator and the efforts he made to touching the lives of many different children. Frank has been instrumental in transitioning the role of coordinator over to myself and my two fellow coordinators Brian Robinson and Ryan Ellenson. We look forward to working with Frank as he remains committed to the mission of the organization.
It is the MKE coordinators goal this year to expand our membership base, raise funds throughout the year and establish new opportunities that will touch the lives of children across the state. We look forward to the challenge and appreciate any support you are willing to offer as we work towards our goals.

MKE Coordinators

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